Buying an air rifle online (FRM43A form required).
The rules relating to the sale of firearms items by internet transaction or mail order have changed (Section – 43A Arms Act).

Internet and mail order sales of the following items now require a written order under s43A(1):

  • All air rifles /airguns (excluding those used in airsoft or paintball)

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Once an air rifle is purchased from our online website and paid for in full you must download the form FRM43A, Fill it out and take it to your nearest police station for them determine that you are suitable to own an air rifle. They will then contact us confirmation to courier the air rifle.

Collecting in person (A mail order form not required)
A mail order form is not required if you are collecting the air rifle from us in person (In Kerikeri). We also need to determine that you are suitable to own an air rifle, and this is at our discretion.



Process for purchasing non-prohibited items via mail order or internet sale:

1  Complete the form below:
    FRM43A (Editable PDF 117KB) Mail Order or internet sales of non-prohibited Firearm(s), Airgun(s) non-prohibited magazines, and/or Ammunition (Section – 43A Arms Act).
2  Deliver the form to your nearest Police station.
    Find your local Police station (Click Here)
3  If you meet all requirements, Police will send your form directly to the seller.
    Important: Refer to the Guide for applicants – Mail order or Internet Sales (PDF 21KB) for full details of the mail order process.


Who needs a New Zealand firearms licence?
If you are 16 years old or over you can apply for a firearms licence (unless you are disqualified from holding a firearms licence). This will allow you to have and use unsupervised:

  • non-prohibited firearms that do not require an endorsement (more information on Endorsements below) and ammunition

  • an airgun if you are 16 or 17 years of age (a firearms licence not being required if you are 18 years of age or over)

  • specially dangerous airguns, including pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles.


Important note
Anyone can use a non-prohibited firearm without a licence if they are under the immediate supervision of a licence holder at all times while in possession of the firearm. ‘Immediate supervision’ means the licensed person is within reach of and can control the firearm. The supervisor must not be using another firearm at the same time.


NB: You can be arrested and fined and/or imprisoned:

  • If you possess or carry an airgun without a lawful purpose.

  • If you carelessly use an airgun.

  • For firing an airgun in a way that may endanger, annoy or frighten anyone or harm property.

  • For unlawfully pointing an airgun at someone.

  • If you sell or supply an airgun to an unlicensed person under 18. This could happen if an adult buys an airgun as a gift for a child.

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