If your search returned no results. Please try again with different criteria.

Such as typing in the part # of another branded filter, such as Ryco or Fram.
You can also type the OEM part number with no spaces, dashes, decimals or slashes.

If you are looking for a certain sized pod/air filter - you can type the inlet size such as 76mm or 3" as an example.

If you are looking for a certain vehicle such as a Suzuki Bandit or Honda Accord etc
Try searching part names like the word Bandit or accord (short for Suzuki Bandit/Honda Accord) etc

If you know the Ryco part number you can also cross reference that with K&N HERE.

If your searches came back with no results please click on the Official K&N Website  HERE
Once you have the correct K&N part # , then please add that part number to our database HERE and we can quote you.

You can also visit www.ryco.co.nz. With this website you can go to the "Catalogues Tab" Then find your vehicle and the Ryco part number. Then use that Ryco part number in NZ Air Filters Search box (and see if it pops up!)